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  Welcome you to understand lida sailing. In the past ten years, lida navigation by providing high-tech products and high-quality services, has been abroad many owner, shipyard intimate partner. We are committed to their feet on the ground of the Marine electrical products be the best. 

  Jinzhou lida Marine electronic co., LTD., founded in jinzhou navigation instrument plant after the restructuring, the company by a group of talented and experienced senior engineers. Company focus on the latest technology trends, and constantly develop difficult to replicate the new technology and applied to the products, strive to walk in the forefront of the industry. Company and dalian maritime university, liaoning industrial size of colleges and universities have a perennial technical cooperation. 

  Chairman of the board of directors of the company hong-wei zheng completely, is jinzhou city engineer title committee judges, designed by him in 2000 THD2001A automatic pilot won the first prize in the advancement of science, etc, this series of products have already been widely applied in all kinds of ships and the user's consistent high praise. Over the years our devotion, obsessed with navigation equipment research and development. Our main products are track is adaptive steering apparatus, heading adaptive steering apparatus, follow-up steering apparatus, host, telegraph, engine room integrated alarm system, electronic sound audio series, electronic alarm series, rudder Angle indicator series, the series of main engine remote control, steering telegraph, cabin detection alarm, engineers call, cold storage, ward call call, CCTV surveillance system, satellite TV receiving, watertight door closing instructions and control units and other non-standard electrical products. The company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification. Products can be provide CCS type approval certificate and product inspection certificate. Some products can provide the EC, the commonwealth MCA, ABS in the United States, Russia RS factory acceptance certificate and product inspection certificate. Company has a professional after-sales service engineering team, we are committed to service within 48 hours after receipt of notification, make sure your safe and efficient operation of the ship. Company in zhejiang, fujian and other places has offices; Pit has agencies in Singapore and Asia region. In the future days, lida will make full use of the power of the digital revolution, creating breakthrough products and solutions according to different type equipment. In the great age of technological change and the rise of China, we will be adhering to the "integrity, innovation, cooperation, development" corporate philosophy, with continuous innovation of technology and unremitting efforts for our country's maritime career contribution strength.